Focusing on the three E’s would help to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured: These are:

Engineering of vehicles and roads. (Minister Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi should look into this. Federal Ministry of Transport must put systems in place to enforce that cars that are ultimately sold on our roads are those that are proven to be effective for our roads, our climate and people; Federal Ministry of Works must ensure that high standards are set and enforced for road constructions; car companies must carry a special licence for the approved safe engineering standards; Road construction engineers must be vetted to ensure they follow the approved standards for Safe road construction)

Enforcing laws which encourage safer driving. (The Federal Safety Corps /FRSC in Nigeria are at the forefront of the campaign and enforcements of road safety, they should do more to encourage safer road usage; initiate appropriate campaigns and advocacy in schools; market places, motor parks; they should be visible in motor parks to curb the habits of drink driving, drugs and related unsafe practices , run seminars regularly and hold awareness campaigns in motor parks; sponsor appropriate advocacy on billboards, run seminars on the use of ring roads  or roundabouts for example, most Nigerian motorists are illiterate, hence tend not to understand what to do when approaching a roundabout. Motorists guilty of any Driving offence should be mandated to attend a paid course on road safety and procure road safety advocacy materials instead of imposing fines; as most states are challenging the enforcement of the various road safety fines in courts of law.

Educating adults and children about staying safer on the roads. This is essential and seasoned education consultants should be engaged to develop relevant advocacy materials for pupils, parents and teachers; motorists on the safer use of roads, driving, and maintenance of their vehicles to ensure safety of lives and reduce accidents on our roads.

These materials can be made available to new individuals at the time of registering a vehicle, applying for a driving licence or to sixteen year olds at the time of starting their driving lessons, to road safety offenders.

Children Safety

Helping children and young people to stay safer should be a high priority for the Nigerian Government, and preventing death and serious injury on the roads is an important part of that. Road safety and road safety education should be high priorities for families and communities.  Follow Bcbeewoman on twitter @bcbee1 for Road Safety Education campaigns. You mc also send an email to if you would like to get involved in supporting Road safety Advocacy and reduce serious injuries and deaths on our roads!

The official portal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) publishes daily statistics which show just how many people are injured, and how many die, on our roads every year. You can access the up-to-date local and national data on the statistics section


Seat belts and car seats: the legal requirements

• By law, adults must wear a seat belt in cars, vans and goods vehicles where one is fitted.

• It is an offence to drive with a passenger under 12 years of age who does not wear a seat belt or

child restraint (as appropriate) in the front or back seat.

• Children can use a seat belt when travelling in the front or back seat of any car, van or goods vehicle once they reach their 12th birthday.

• Younger children can also use a seat belt when they reach 135 cm (4’ 5”) tall.

• Any other child must use a car seat/booster appropriate to their weight – see the label on the seat.

There are very few exceptions

In buses and coaches with seat belts fitted, passengers aged 14 years and above must use them. Those under 14 years are strongly advised to use them.

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