As a woman we are delicately created, wonderfully crafted that the Almighty had to say Wow ! Man!! Woman!!! admiring His own creation. I personally believe that is where we get that term “woman’ from (LOL!)

The Lord gave women the intrinsic feminity and ability to influence, dominate and be a fantastic manager. Even the genes that give rise to female species in humans ‘XX” are referred to as dominant.  We are created to do exploits. But what are we using our feminity for. Some of us use this gift from the Lord negatively, to deceive, to charm for selfish purposes, to corrupt and to cause harm.

Hmmm, as for me I would like to use my Feminity to build bridges, not divide, to mend fences not destroy, to nurture the next generation not derail them, to encourage the youth not discountenance them. To support my spouse, not frustrate him, to advocate for peace and not create wars; to ennoble creation.

I implore our brothers to support women, to encourage, protect and be patient with us whenever our hormones are letting us down. How many men are aware that women are not normal throughout the month due to hundreds of changes going through their bodies.

Woman, so strong yet so weak, beautiful yet bears ugly pains; intuitive , but clouded by emotions; encumbered by her many travails.

May we be helped tremendously to rise up to our place in society.