In a discussion with Mr. Alogun Oluwaseun, the Deputy road commander monitoring and evaluation of the Federal Road Safety Corps. He mentioned that “In this part of the world we are incomparable with those in the advance world, the problem we have is education”.

He further said that it is more easier to give a child an instruction and he or she would comply to the laid down instruction. The problem we have is that the adults find it very difficult to adhere to Instuctions.

Another discussant, Mrs. Helen Prest Ajayi an author for children books, gave her plight on addressing the need for child safety. She said that child safety should be taught in schools, particularly emphasising on educating the child on some road safety signs, and this safety signs should be absorbed into the school curriculum starting from the primary school level.

Furthermore, pupils should be taught and enlightened on how to use the zebra crossing, and also how to conduct their selves on the street or road.

The parents are also involved in bringing up the child in the virtue of teaching them safety ethics.

Again, Dr.Bc Akin-Alabi also laid emphasis on educating the motorists the road safety signs and symbols.

Moreover, Mrs.Helen Prest Ajayi also discussed that the zebra crossing on Nigeria roads are not placed in the appropriate manner. She said that “The zebra crossing should give safety to pedestrians to cross safely on the road.

Mr Alogun in his discussion said that there is a sector in the road safety called engineering department. Their duty is focused on road safety audits.

He further said that, most of Nigeria roads are not child friendly. Putting zebra crossing on the high way need to go in line with the use of speed breakers.