The situation of corruption in Nigeria has gone out of hand due to the porous mindset of Nigerians.
According to Prof. Femi Ajayi from Babcock University. He said that we Nigerians have a duty to train ourselves and not just the President alone.

In addition, he stated that right from the beginning the least level of public service cadre is corrupt. Individual has to fight this corruption professional needs to strongly make their ethical strong in what they do.
In his discussion he also laid emphasis that the criminal justice system of Nigeria needs to be looked into in order to make fair justice to criminal offences. The President has appointed the seven man committee to look into the criminal justice system in Nigeria.

Again, another patriotic Nigerian Dr. Bc Akin-Alabi said that the rule of law is very important in every society. She further explained that the criminal justice is the only thing that the common man has at the end of the day.
In a statement she said that basically “I believe that our present government is working to make our criminal justice one of the best in Africa, because looking at the African system reveals the same story panning out.”
Doc Bc BeE Further explained that we need a criminal justice system whereby everybody is equal. In Lagos when the tenancy law was established you would discover that the tenancy law that is being campaigned about does not affect the expensive luxury areas like Ikoyi, GRA, Lekki. Which implies that landlords there can still do what they need.

Meanwhile, The BeE stated that the system in Nigeria is built for corruption. “We run a roguish government the way we put things in Nigeria promotes corruption.” There are no proper quality assurance system, there is no proper corporate governance, what we need to do is education.
The government needs to lead to educate people.
For instance, in the UK education is not all about the academic aspect alone, but rather based on orientation. Education has feed for purpose.

In Nigeria, we don’t have that kind of education to prepare us to live as a civil individual.
Meanwhile, Doc Bc Bee also laid emphasis on the need for advocacy as a tool to fight corruption in Nigeria. She explained how the government can leverage on advocacy and campaign for every Individual to challenge and institutionalise indiscipline and corruption. People should be asking questions and say no to things.

Another discussant Mr. Tony Daniel a legal practitioner gave his plight that he is confident that Nigeria will be great, Nigeria will get there.
He discussed how Nigerian’s are found of doing things in the right way.
Moreover, he said that the real orientation has started with President Buhari’s administration.
He further explained that “I am very positive that if this system is sustained within a short time frame there would be a change in our mindset.”
For Criminal Justice the best way is to reorganise the judiciary, the judiciary in Nigeria is not the bad like people are saying. You can still get justice in Nigeria.

Besides, he also mentioned that the EFCC needs to investigate properly before effecting arrest. “We should encourage plead bagging.” The President should also note that people’s liberty should be respected despite the fact that we are not in a Military era.

Prof. Femi Ajayi further discussed that plead bagging from his perspective is a way to encourage corruption. The fight against corruption is an individual thing for Nigerians to do.

According to the Bureau of Public procurement 2007 Act the prosecution for a culprit is ten years while that of EFCC is for two years.
Mr. Tony Daniel added in a statement that there are laws in Nigeria, but the problem is implementation.
Doc Bc BeE later said that we need to instill the principle of integrity in service, honesty, and respect for ethics. She further emphasised that our government needs to be serious about ethics and ensure that every project or programme has a A-Z on how to do it.
The Bee also mentioned that we need to think at every activity that we want to do and say these are the roots and everybody must follow the root.