I have decided to publish the tributes that were sent to me on my birthday.  I feel really blessed to have made such an impact in the lives of people especially young people. Please note that these accounts are uncut, unedited and only represent a snapshot of the many eulogies and tributes that were sent my way yesterday. 11th November 2016. I would like to thank all my well wishers for their love and kindness towards me over the years past.

Looking unto my creator for the Grace to finish my race well and opportunities to impact more lives positively  and ennoble creation appropriately. Amen


  1. This one from my youngest son: Ifeoluwatorera: Year 2 Student of Law, Bristol, England

Mum today is a very special day, everybody is celebrating another year of prosperity with the ‘most remarkable and awe-inspiring woman’ on the planet.

Today I just want to give you another reminder of how much I cherish and appreciate having you in my life, you bring nothing but love and happiness into the lives of your children and into the lives of anyone who meets you but that is only one of the many talents the Lord has bestowed upon you.

One of your greatest talents is your ability to succeed anywhere you go in life, where ever God decides to put you, you will always persevere and self-motivate yourself. Every time I think about you, I just reflect on how much you have taught me and how much we have been through, I have really tested the concept on unconditional love with you and yet you have always had my back, always been at my side.

You are so comforting, nurturing and caring that’s why babies love you they can see the “beauty and love in your soul”, I appreciate that beauty and love so much.

I hear so many things happening to people, how they are estranged from their parents due to disagreements etc I know for a fact that can never happen to us we have too great of a relationship despite our arguments in the past you are one of the most important figures in my life and there is no way I can ever diminish your name because you really have tried for my siblings and I and we will make you proud!

It brought a tear to my eye when you were telling me about all the happy birthday messages you were getting from other peoples children because it just illustrates how you have so much love to give, it shows how much of a positive effect you bring into people’s lives

it shows how amazing you are and that makes me very proud that you can endure the herculean task of putting up with me and still have time to work positively impact other’s people’s lives.

There aren’t a lot of people in this world who are as ingenious, passionate and tenacious as you and I count myself lucky to be able to have such a role model in my life, someone who will call me out when I’m doing wrong, someone who will discipline and mentor me to the best of their ability, you do nothing half-heartedly and that is quality I am sure all your business partners cherish.

This is a tribute to my mentor and my mother and I pray you will continue to succeed and prosper in the Jesus’ name, you truly are a treasure, you deserve nothing but the best and the best is what you will get. I love you Mum!

2. This one is from my Niece: Miju Oladele, Year 3 Accounting Student, Unilag

Looking for words to express my feelings right now,but yet I’m coming up empty lol To the most beautiful woman I know 😊😊😌😍 the one who finds a way to solving any problem lol.. A very blessed happy birthday to an amazing mother!!! May the good Lord bless you with many more wonderful years to come, may the rest of your lives be filled with love, joy and happiness and blessings in abundance!!!🙏 I love you Forever and even more!!!! ❤❤🎉🎉

You’re a blessing to everyone around you! You really need to know this. 🙂I pray you live long to eat the fruit of your Labour!

I can’t just ask for a better Aunty lol you’re just different from others!You are a precious gift to man kind especially we who discovered you..If we all start talking about you, Day and night will keep passing without even going into conclusion.. so let’s just stop here lol. What we all just pray and hope for you is longevity and the grace to fulfill all your dreams in your lifetime 🙏

3. This one is from my Protege and adopted son: Olakunle,  Accounting Graduate, Finished Youth Service in July 2016; Just secured an employment with KPMG in September 2016.

Words cannot express the joy I feel in my heart. Not just because today is your day but because today is OUR (YA4NAIJA)  day 😀. You have impacted many lives including myself and have  gingered me to strive for greatness, to yearn for good, to aspire for success. Indeed, you are a Woman of all seasons.

My prayer for you mum is that as you mark another year in your many years of existence, the Lord Almighty would strengthen you, guide you and grant you the Wisdom to.continue to be a force to reckon with and we are sure that one day the world would also celebrate you.

Happybday to my mummy Dr bcee.

4. This is from my best friend, Nike Adejokun: (Bestie)

Happy birthday to my darling bestie Bisi – we’ve had so many adventures – shared good and bad times together and we just flow like a river – it’s not often that people just get one another like we do and often without saying 😂😂😂 Even our kids know just how much alike we are 😂😂 Wishing you the very best of birthdays my darling babe – may God continue to perfect all that concerns you and take you higher and higher by His grace. You are my sister for life and I love you big time ❤😘😘❤

5. And from her husband, my brother Jonathan:

 sister, you’re celebrated always above toleration, supported above desertion, loved above liked. I thank God for your life, we give praise🙏🏿👏🏾🎤🌹💙

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6. From my Sisters from Fellowship: love you babes,

From Dear Erem;

BC dear ,

To God be the glory for another blessed and favoured year of your life , we indeed thank God for a Gem like you , you are God’s Gift and blessings to us and this generation . 🙏🏽😇

Happy birthday dearest ,

May this day be the beginning of the very best days of your life filled with love and blessings from the Lord. Have a good one and God bless you. 😘😘😘💞.

Enjoy sis dear .

From Ity sweetie;

Dear, dear, lovely BC the  Doc.

Here’s to double blessings & prayers for you…so once again,

Wishing you a very happy and blessed birthday.🎂🎉

May the Lord continue to bless the labour of your hands,

May the Lord continue to bless your labour of love,

May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you

and may the Lord continue to soak you with His peace, joy, great health and love in Jesus’ name.

Enjoy today better than yesterday sis💃💃💃

From my darlyn Pastor T

Doc dearest, happy birthday. What a year you have had filled with testimonies of God’s goodness in your life. I pray for God’s continued blessing, His love, His favour, mercy, protection, wisdom and strength for you. Your life will continue to be a blessing to many and your light will continue to shine brighter and brighter in the name of Jesus. God will continue to guard and guide your loved ones and keep you all in perfect peace in the name of Jesus. Overflowing joy will continue to be your portion in the name of Jesus. Amen. Love you dear. 😘💞💘🎁🎂🍨