Ask me I shall say, I lead an amusing life, never a dull moment for Bc bee. Lol

The events of the 22nd of August 2016 will forever remain vivid in my memories. The events would make a block buster Hollywood movie. I am a member of several Whats App group as well as my own private family chat. Maybe its high time I leave some of these groups, if not all, especially those that are not adding value.

I am one of the most misunderstood human being still alive. lazy souls find me so difficult to decipher while well meaning people see beyond the mien, and discover my core that is full of integrity, honesty, compassion (even abused by low lifers, I must say), and passion to change our universe for good of all humanity.
Oh i am always on a high. Restless and a bundle of energy. Thank goodness for that. 😂🙈😂Why my friend Toks (bless her) gave me the nickname The Bee and it stuck ever since.
I feel good. All experiences in life is advancement as we learn from it. The sin is not learning from experience.  The Lord would only allow specific events to happen because we either need it 4 our spiritual advancements, personal development or to redeem some karma.Any which way all wisdom belongs to the Lord 🙏🏽🙇🏻🙏🏽
I don’t quit. Only cowards do so. I thrive on a culture of challenge at work and leisure. Always confronting issues to surmount them. And speak up against tyranny and marginalisation. I fought racism in the uk in the late 80s and early 90s. So if only did those bunch of mischief makers know that they are no match for my inner strength.!
But i was hurt not because the pix was shared but by the mischief that followed
The taunts, the jibes and the closing of ranks that were so apparent. But I was not cowed as I matched them insult per insult and refused to be silenced. Don’t mess with this Ibadan babe. lol Perhaps next time I should have unleashed our pet crocodile to feast to entertain me.
But I was lucky to be  very busy dealing remotely with my official duties as I usually log onto my office in Lagos and I was also in transit to Paris and my phone battery died so I was spared the pain of responding immediately.
My friends on the forum too were calling me and mounting pressure on me not to rise to the baits.  I am grateful to them.
And my understanding husband even bought me a present home from work that night to say sorry for the aggravation his pose caused me.
The day turned out to be  a very fruitful day for me. I closed a lovely deal, made my  client happy remotely and got all my staff  effectively engaged inspite of all the persecution I was facing by some bullies that i fought to a standstill. And had a romantic dinner by the foot of the Eiffel Tower and got back home and crashed. As we took a stroll down to the Eiffel tower.
That is what they dont know about me. Hmmmm. And I have made new friends as most people I never would think could sympathise with me did.
And to sensible individuals the fools amongst the pack would be revealed  through their folly

What moral is there for  grown ups to mischievously share an image that was posted in error on a group chat with third parties not connected to the group, after the person who made that mistake appealed to the group that it was posted in error and apologised? That was my Pet Peeve. One buffoon even went as far as implying “with responsibility” that I was lying about the person I was in the picture with.

I wonder how my private life became their fancy when they would usually ignore my purposeful posts as they were usually blinded by jealousy, hate,  pettiness or all of the above.

A friend of mine on the group used the following words to encourage me and I quote ” I like the spirit with which you bounced back; others would have left the forum. It shows a strong personality in you”. 💪

I am only playing the script of the meaning of my alias Bc Bee. the Bee though small its almost indestructible. you need more concerted efforts to destroy the Bee. On this note I say let us beware of the name we call our children, ourselves as we are what we are called!


Peace Out!!!