Hmmm! I felt compelled to write about the recent hike in the pump price of petrol otherwise known as PMS, by the discussion I had on friday 13th May, 2016 with one of my Protégés, Miss Ennuka. She was adamant about her stance against protesting over the recent hike. I learnt a great deal from this vibrant Nigerian youth so I decided to add to her repertoire of reasons by sharing the following with her:

Some of the reasons why some of us will not take to the roads and protest over the hike in the pump rice of PMS are: the present government is enjoying certain goodwill with us in knowing that it is led by PMB. Whom majority of Nigerians still have faith in.
As Kayode Ogundamisi opined “@MBuhari is the best spokesperson for his government, no spin, no lies, say’s it as it is, what you see is what you get. He should speak to the Nigerian people more, no matter how painful the decision, trying to shield the President from the public is counter productive. Merely gives room for speculations.

A good example is his reaction to the David Cameron ‘Fantastically Corrupt’ comment, everyone went crazy, Nigerians went ga ga on Social Media, the President’s media spokesperson issued statements long and short. What did Buhari do, he turned defence into offence with just one short statement. Yes we are fantastically corrupt, but return our money as we do not need your apology, we need the stolen funds kept in Britain to develop and put Nigeria back on track.

Simple, sincere, short and brisk. I proudly watch also as the global media keyed on to Buhari’s statement and made David Cameron look stupid. That is leadership.

I watched his latest CNN interview again and again and you can see a man not ready to deviate from his own vision and assured in his own mission, yes he could come across as rigid, what am I saying, he’s usually rigid but from my experience with him, if you stand your ground and put forward a superior argument, he tends to shift grounds”

 So @bcbee1 thinks that majority of Nigerians trust his policies and are sure he is doing his best to ensure we make real progress.
Secondly we are sensible enough to believe that the past government left a huge deficit in the treasury and were reckless in squandering our commonwealth. This is evidenced from the recent revelations that trail the fight against corruption.  In as much as the rise in pricing is not desirable we are ready to weather the storm as this is the first time really in a long time that Nigeria would be blessed to have a leader that is focused and undeterred in fighting corruption head on.  So for this alone Nigerians recognise the need to be patient and support this administration.
Therefore, our one hope though is that this the only time in a long time that we have a leader that has the political will to challenge the damaging norms, the unspoken status quo; the decay and  decadence in the system and attempting to put an end to it.
Even if he does not succeed in winning  it all. He has succeeded in challenging the only enemy of progress.
Also there is no strong opposition.  The PDP has lost all goodwill to counter any move of the present govt.
Unlike in the past that the APC was the main opposition party. The occupy Nigeria campaign was greatly influenced by the APC in opposition.
It is therefore, fruitless for any sensible Nigeria to take to the street and demonstrate against any fiscal policy of the present administration, as majority are now clear about the agenda of this govt and would not want it derailed.
We want change, we are united in this!. And change is a process, real change come with its pains. No pains no gains!
We are hopeful; expectant and hungry for an end to corruption.
So that every Nigeria can thrive.
We are happy to listen to  PMB address the Nation on May Day. The message was simple, concise,  clear, compassionate hence soothing.
It has been long that we had the fortunes of such an uplifting speech.
We trust our President and want him to succeed in the fight against corruption. If we take to the streets in protest we are going to cause a major distraction.
So we shall be patient and let PMB lead.
Because it is fruitless for any sensible patriot to fail to see the writings on the wall that if the system is working everyone will be ok.
There would be no reason  to steal, cheat; defraud the system. The environment will become enabling for real economic activities and development; everyone would thrive; industries would boom and SME will become viable and that is the change we desperately need, that is the change we voted for.
We cannot and I repeat we cannot afford to truncate this process of redefining our values and our priorities so that positive mindsets are set in motion for ALL, including generations unborn!
God bless our President! God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!