I follow with keen interest the recent controversial statements attributed to the Oba of Eko, HRM Oba Akinolu, and decided to remain neutral. My reason is simple, everywhere I go since the Presidential election results were announced, our brothers and sisters from the South East and South South have been crying foul.

One actually said that the rest of the country is unfair as they have been marginalised hence own the resources!

My simple submission to all these shenanigans is as follows:

I look forward to a Nigeria where all shall be detribalised. But embrace citizenship and not indigene-ship. That should be the thrust of our struggles. If We all own Lagos, so should it be as well as Abuja or any part of the country for that matter. So we all own the oil deposits in the SS. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED TO PREACH.

May we start a new movement for citizenship and abandon that of indigene-ship and marginalisation. Let’s embrace one another as simply Nigerians!!!  God Bless Nigeria

We need to liberate ourselves from tribal sentiments and forge ahead in harmony.