The battle was long but focused to rescue our land from the grips of darkness. The dawn of a new nation is here. The true winner is Nigeria and her citizens. The Lord has finally looked down upon us to favour us. The country has recorded progress. History has been made.

We have indeed made history, we have shown the world that we can decide what it is right for our society without violence.

A few Good men!

I am so proud of these men. GMB, JEGA, GEJ. THEY ARE MY MEN OF THE MOMENT. Grateful to the Almighty that we experienced this season for all the revelations that we saw. There are still a few good men in our society. These are people to be celebrated. Our positive role models.

He has acted honourably. Worth recognition. if he did not take that simple step we would have been singing a different song by now. It is a sign of strength not weakness. I doff my hat to GEJ.

I forgave Jonathan really and truly. It showed he is a peace loving man contrary to his accursed cronies that must have been misinforming him. I wish him well. He allowed us to write History by not using the power of incumbency to the hilt. Kudos.

Jega taught me a lesson in calmness and emotional intelligence. I need say no more. I hope we all saw that display of shame. Sometimes silence is golden.

GMB for his resilience, doggedness and determination to realise his ambition of bringing sanity to our society! My prayer for him is that may he finish strong!!

Nigeria, My Pride!!!

I am proud once again to be a Nigerian and to be part of this struggle to reinstate sanity in our polity.

I am proud of the South westerners see the results from this region. It showed true democracy. Freedom of choice. KUDOS.

Look at Orubebe. He made Jonathan look bad. Whereas GMB won through his followers that worked tiredlessly to make him look good. They engaged in intelligent debates, strategically turned a seemingly bad product into a saviour that the masses were clamouring for.

On the contrary, GEJ supporters fought dirty. Did not engage in tactical battles hence their defeat last Saturday. Let us all learn from this. Let us pick our battles.   Yes! Now is the big task of delivering on the change agenda. Let us all join hands and support our govt. Death to genocide, wars, kidnappings and violence! Banish corruption and indiscipline, alive to decency, charity and public spiritedness. Welcome the New Nigeria! welcome change

The struggle continues!!

The real work is about to start in earnest. We need to support this dispensation by being upright and leading a disciplined, decent and resourceful life. May we be helped tremendously. amen

We need to promote harmony and unity. Live and let others live. We need to be tolerant of each other. Preach love and charity. My 2 pennies.

Now every Nigerian must come together to ensure the change agenda is sustained, we must support the new president elect. Lets embrace change, let us imbibe decency and honest lifestyle.

I will do my bits, what about you? let’s start now… a journey of a thousand miles starts with a simple single step

Peace out!