This year has been so interesting for me with family and career swinging in the right groove and my health getting better by the day, I am so grateful to the Almighty for

granting me the gift of life, love, family, children, friends, colleagues, you all have been fabulous. XXX

So much is happening and that I need to share! In my life, theres never a dull moment!! my experiences will sell like hotcakes in Nollywood or even Hollywood movie story lines. Hmmmm! so let’s start a journey together, sharing the sights, sounds and words of a busy woman, wife, PARENT & Education Practitioner. I am proud to be all! you know how it is, even though I am in the middle of opposing roles, all fighting for full attention and dominance, I manage to juggle all and sometimes, get some balls dropped (oops!, thats being frank, who wouldn’t?!! he who has no sin, let him cast the first stone!!!). But on the whole, I score myself well above average.

On my blog, I plan to share it all. My experiences, (personal, career and spiritual) so folks, dont forget to leave your comments.  I am sure I stand to learn a lot from you all!

You all Rock!